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dentist in lab with 3d printer

Bacteria are well known for causing many problems in our mouth. They give us bad breath and, of course, lead to problems for our teeth such as toothaches and tooth decay. There are several times where the tooth might even be damaged or lost, and a replacement must be made.

Full-mouth reconstruction and dental implants are frequently used to fix those problems and are both solid options for those looking to replace worn down teeth to a healthier shine while improving dental hygiene. They have both been around for years and advances have been made in several other fields, so it’s only fair to assume that dental implants are due for an upgrade too.

This can, in fact, be something in the near future thanks to a solution that could be coming soon through a system that is already being used in other industries: 3D printing.

This technology has been used throughout many other places, helping lower the cost of products and being easy to integrate it into their business. As a result, many dentists are trying to find a way to add this particular service into their practices to provide their patients with the latest in mouth care.

3D Printed Dental Implants

With the help of digital scanning and 3D printing, Dutch researchers have created a way to fight the decay of teeth.

Made up of antimicrobial quaternary ammonium salts inside dental polymers, this is later added to a 3D printer and is hardened with ultraviolet light to complete the process. The result is a 3D printed tooth implant made out of material that is a solid step towards a healthier mouth thanks to its 99% anti-bacterial properties that cause no damage to human tissue.

The low wait time as well as how easy it is could make for an additional option for those looking for another option to dental implants. All of this could someday be offered by your dentist in the future.

Of course, this also comes with its disadvantages.

Disadvantages of 3D Printed Teeth Implants

The teeth, while successful, hasn’t been tested in humans. The use of toothbrushes and toothpaste might also cause problems down the line due to how the material might react with them.

More research is needed to see if this material can be a good replacement for current ceramic dental implants. The plastic might be a bit too soft compared to the current ceramic offerings that are available for normal and long-term use.

The rise of 3D printing in the medical world holds great promise for the dental field. The success it has seen in other areas means that the only barrier for 3D printed teeth implants is time itself.

While the future is a few years away, you can keep your teeth healthy by contacting Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry today for a consultation. Our staff will help in providing you with a timeless smile without the wait.

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