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Pain relief has been as close as our finger tips for thousands of years. Reflexology is a form of massage beneficial for treating stress, illness, and pain. It involves massaging reflex points that are associated with different body organs and overall health. Reflex points are sometimes called meridian points.

Reflexology can help dental patients in several ways. It can reduce stress and anxiety. It can help with tooth pain. It can help with pain that causes a headache or radiates into the jaw. Reflexology also partners well with massage therapy.

Reflexology to relieve stress and anxiety generally focuses on the areas of the feet that correspond with the adrenal glands, kidneys, bladder, sinus, brain, and heart. You may wonder why. That is because stress can affect all of those functions. These spots are located on both the hands and feet. Some people become very anxious when they visit the dentist. This is most likely from a bad experience as a child.

Those suffering from tooth pain may experience relief with reflexology. Chinese reflexology points for the teeth are located on the toes. The toes on the left foot correspond with the teeth on the right side of your mouth. The toes on your right foot correspond with the teeth on the left side of your mouth. Sometimes, the first push of the reflex point for tooth pain will make it hurt a little worse. After about a minute, the pain should begin to go away. There are also points on the hand that are beneficial to relieve tooth pain. The backs of the fingers can also be massaged for pain relief.

Sometimes, mouth pain is so intense that it can cause a headache or pain in the face and jaw. Headaches can be relieved using several reflex points. The spot between a person’s eyebrows can be massaged to relieve a headache. If a woman is not pregnant, there is a point between the thumb and index finger that can be massaged for headache relief. It is important that this point not be used on an expectant mother as it can cause contractions. Jaw pain can be relieved by massaging the points on the side of the face even with the top and middle of the ear. It can also be relieved by massaging the ear lobe.

Reflexology works well with massage therapy. A massage therapist will know the reflexology points and can use those as well as arm and leg massages to help make and keep a dental patient comfortable while in the office. These therapies used together can create an almost spa like experience for the patient.

A visit to the dentist can be a relaxing and almost rejuvenating experience when reflexology and massage therapy are offered. Patients look forward to their follow up visits. Reflexology is a viable option for treating anxiety and low level pain in a dental setting. Paying attention to the reflex points can assist patients in treating minor dental pain while waiting for their next appointment.