Dog holding toothbrush

Pet Oral Health Care

Your dog or cat can’t tell you when their teeth are causing them pain. Poor oral health can lead to plaque, cavities, gum disease and tooth infections. Tooth abscesses are particularly dangerous as they can lead to serious health issues and complications. Learn how you can help protect your pet’s teeth and promote great oral health!

Xylitol in a bowl

Is Xylitol Good For My Teeth?

Added sugars can be extremely detrimental to your oral health. The more medical researchers and nutritionists learn about them, the more we understand how they affect our health and wellbeing. Sugar-free sweeteners like xylitol have become increasingly popular. Xylitol’s sweetness is similar to sugar but it doesn’t come with many of the negative side effects. Many oral health experts are reporting that it can even be good for your teeth.