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Oral health depends on a delicate balance of systems working together inside the mouth. Soft tissues such as the gums and tongue must function in sync with hard tissues like teeth and jaws to allow for consumption of food, production of speech, and respiration. In particular, the upper and lower teeth work together with your jaw to create your bite. Dentists call this your occlusion. The strength and alignment of your occlusion both contribute to your overall oral health. Occlusion-related problems like under and overbitemisaligned teethmissing teeth, and other oral health issues can cause serious, permanent problems if left unrepaired.

What can a total smile makeover fix?

A total smile makeover, also known as a full mouth reconstruction, is the solution to serious oral health issues. Reconstructing a patient’s mouth includes surgeries that fix any combination of these health problems:

  • Missing Teeth
  • Damaged Teeth
  • Damaged Gums
  • Misaligned Bite
  • Jaw Problems
  • Compromised Dental Work
  • Oral Disease

How are dental problems fixed by a smile makeover?

Singular oral problems are solved with a single type of surgery, but full mouth reconstruction combines surgical techniques with repairs and replacements to completely renovate the oral cavity.

Reconstruction situations are almost always unique and require your dentist to consider creative solutions to oral health issues. A reconstruction may involve any of the following:


General Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Jaw Repairs

Orthodontic Care

  • Braces
  • Retainers

Oral Surgery

Who can have full mouth reconstruction?

Dental patients who suffer from multiple oral health issues to the point that their oral health is interfering with their ability to perform normal functions are perfect candidates for full mouth reconstruction. A total smile makeover requires general anesthesia for most cases, so a candidate must be healthy and able to recover from the effects of anesthesia.

Considerations for those undergoing a smile makeover

The status of your current oral health will affect the extent of work that can be done.

Those with oral diseases will need to address those first before preventive measures are taken to prevent further damage.

Your age will determine how serious your dental work will be. Older patients cannot handle anesthesia as well and may need to consider dentures before mouth reconstruction.

Patients with medical conditions or heart problems will be unable to undergo reconstruction. Also, patients with illegal drugs or alcohol problems will likely be turned away from a smile makeover due to potential complications or conflicts with anesthesia.

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