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Are you smiling right now? You should be, did you know smiling is important for your health?

Fun Smiling Facts:

  1. Smiling is healthy for you! Flashing a smile on a regular basis is shown to lower blood pressure, relieve stress, and can add 7 years to the average life expectancy. Just by smiling, you can live longer, how cool is that?
  2. Turning that frown upside down is actually easier than you think. It actually takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. Also, psychologist have found that when people are in a bad mood but try to smile, they actually feel better.
  3. Newborns are born with the ability to smile. Of all the things, smiling something we’re all born with. We were meant to smile!
  4. Smiling is the universal sign of happiness. If you have traveled abroad, you know that there are gestures that mean different things in different places. Not smiling though, across the world, smiling is universal, accepted, and encouraged.

Now there can’t be any reason for you not to smile. Even babies smile! Although, if you are a little self-conscious about showing those pearly whites, here are some tips for a brighter smile.

Tips For a Bright Smile:

  1. Start with the dental basics. Flossing once a day, brushing twice a day, switching your toothbrush every three to four months, and making those regular dental visits are important to a brighter smile.
  2. For the ladies who use lip color, pick a blue-based or pink-based lipstick or lip gloss. These have undertones that will minimize the yellow in your teeth and adding a little color to your lips will make your smile pop.
  3. Have you tried at-home whitening? They generally contain mild peroxide to whiten your teeth a few shades lighter. If you want to boost that whitening, seek your dental professional for a consultation.
  4. What about D.I.Y. whitener? One tsp. of hydrogen peroxide, one tsp. of baking soda, and just enough water to make a paste. Doing this twice a week can brighten your teeth a bit.
  5. Last but not least, watch what you drink. If you’re an avid coffee or wine drinker, you are probably aware of the staining it can do to your teeth. Consider drinking less or swishing water in between sips to reduce that staining.

If you’re worried about not having a nice, bright smile, contact us, we’re here to help.