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Halloween is right around the corner. Every grocery store has supply of the most festive, but also some of the unhealthiest candy options to give your trick-or-treaters. To prevent cavities for yourself, your kids, and the kids coming to your door, educate yourself on different types of candies and maybe consider buying some Halloween treat alternatives.

Frightening Halloween Candy Options (From Least Healthy to Most Healthy):

  1. Sour Candy. Sour candy straws, sour belts, sour lollipops. These sour candies are notorious for the amount of citric acid in their candies. While this may be your favorite candy, beware! Tooth enamel can wear away from acidic things with a pH of lower than three, and sour candies typically have a pH of less than two.

  2. Hard/Chewy Candy. These two candies are double trouble. Sucking on hard candies can prolong the presence of sugar in your mouth, making your teeth more prone to cavities. Chewy candies can easily lodge themselves between your teeth, also making your teeth more prone to cavities.

  3. Gummy Candy. This sort of candy has similar risks as chewy candy, but I wanted to take this on a different level. Think about all of the artificial flavoring, coloring, and sugar content that gummy candies have (and probably most candies).

  4. Chocolate. Arguably the more healthy candies because chocolates melt as opposed to running the risk of getting stuck in your teeth. The best kind of chocolate, that are actually beneficial, are dark chocolates with 60% or more cocoa content.

  5. Sugar-free candy. This is ranked the healthiest based on sugar content. Sugar-free candies contain either zero sugar, artificial sweeteners, or natural sweeteners. While this may seem to let you off the hook on sugar, it is not advisable to stuff yourself with sugar-free candies!

It can be tricky when it comes to Halloween candy, my suggestion? Moderation, find an alternative (like little toys or a candy buy-back program), or eliminate the candies all together. There is nothing spookier than a root canal. If you have any questions, give us a ring at Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry!