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Are Ice Breakers Ice Cubes one of your favorite chewing gums? Well the American Dental Association is giving you one more reason to love them. The ADA recently awarded the Ice Cubes, sugar-free chewing gum, the Seal of Acceptance. The gum comes in various flavors including spearmint, peppermint and strawberry smoothie. The gum is made by the Hershey company, which has now joined the group of companies with ADA seals. The seal is often seen as the gold standard in the world of dental products, judging products on their safety and efficiency. The seal is intended to make choosing products that are conscience of oral health easier on consumers.

Why Are Gums Awarded The Seal?taking-care-of-dentures-lakeway-cosmetic

Gums are usually awarded the seal when they’re found to help fight against things like cavities, tooth decay and gum disease by increasing the flow of saliva that helps wash away harmful bacterias. Some gums even contain ingredients that can help remineralize teeth, making them stronger and more resistant to decay. While gums that contain sugar also increase the flow of saliva, sugar can undo this effect by encouraging production of harmful bacteria. The ADA tests each individual product before awarding it the seal. That means not all sugar free gums are automatically awarded the seal. Instead the ADA considers tests it conducts itself, and scientific data from lab testing. Remember that companies submit their products to receive the ADA seal. That means if you had been chewing Ice Breakers Ice Cubes before they were awarded the seal you were doing just as much good for your teeth.

While the seal acts as a guide, you should still use your best judgement when choosing products. A sugarless gum is always going to be your best option when buying chewing gum. While chewing gum can do a lot of good for you teeth, especially when chewed twenty minutes or so after a meal (the increase in saliva production helps wash away food particles), it is no replacement for either brushing or flossing. While its not necessary that you brush after every meal it is necessary that you brush twice a day for two minutes! You should follow that up with flossing once a day between every tooth in a C shape motion. If following a meal or sugary drink you don’t have a piece of gum with you, try neutralizing your mouth by swishing around a little water.

More About The Seal

The ADA awards its Seal of Acceptance to a wide range of products. This includes dental tools like different models of toothbrushes or types of floss. You can often spot many of the seal-awarded products just browsing through a stores aisles. However, if you’re looking for a complete list of products that have been approved by the ADA check their website. They list every product and discuss with a little more detail how the seal is awarded. Talk with your dentist if you’re looking for further product recommendations.

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