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Complimentary Virtual Dental Consultations

At Lakeway Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, we understand that physically coming into our office may not always be possible.

To remedy this, our Lakeway dentists proudly offer complimentary online dental consultations as part of our practice’s services.

Whether you have a dental concern or want to improve your smile, you don’t have to wait to come into our office. Get started online today to get all of your questions answered without ever having to leave home! By the end of your consultation, you’ll have personalized recommendations for improving your smile and the option to schedule an in-person appointment to begin your treatment plan.

Get Your Free Virtual Dental Consultation from Home

Upload a Photo

Take a close-up selfie that lets us see your full smile. When sharing your photo with us, be sure to let us know about any concerns or desires you may have about your smile. Use this opportunity to bring up any questions you may have for us as well.

Receive a Personalized Video

Once we receive your photo and have learned more about your dental concerns, our Lakeway dentist will create a custom video that addresses your concerns, answers your questions, and provides personalized recommendations for your smile.

Schedule an In-Person Appointment

View your video with personalized dental recommendations, and schedule an in-person appointment at our office to get started on your treatment plan.

Professional Dental Care Services

Lakeway Cosmetic & Family Dentistry has provided effective and affordable dental services in Austin and Lakeway for over 20 years! Dr. Robert D’Alfonso and his team are dedicated to providing superior service to our patients. That’s why we aim to increase access to dental care through our complimentary virtual smile consultations. By allowing our patients the flexibility to have their initial consultation online, we make it easier for them to get answers to their questions without ever stepping foot out the door.

What are the Advantages of a Virtual Dental Appointment?

Free Consultation

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, our virtual smile consultations are currently available at no cost to you!

Confidential & Secure

Our virtual smile consultation platform is fully HIPAA-compliant. That means your photo, your dental concerns, your contact information, and our personalized video and recommendations are shared on a secure platform that protects sensitive data, in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.


Having your initial smile consultation online means you can address your dental concerns sooner instead of waiting to come in for an in-person appointment.

Easy to Use

Our online consultations can be completed in three simple steps! All you need to do is upload a smile selfie, along with your dental concerns and questions. Our dentist will create a personalized video with recommendations for you, which you can review before scheduling an in-person appointment.

Virtual Smile Consultation FAQs

Is an online dental appointment right for me?

Our online consultations are for anyone who wants to improve their smile or address their dental concerns quickly and efficiently. If you don’t want to wait to make sure your dental needs are met, get started with a complimentary virtual consultation.

Why should I schedule an online dental appointment?

If you’re interested in improving your smile or addressing any dental concerns with fewer in-person appointments, our virtual smile consultations are a simple way to do so. By simply uploading a photo of your smile with your dental concerns and questions, our expert dentist can provide you with a personalized video and recommendations for next steps. With this information, you can then decide to schedule an in-person appointment.

Are virtual smile consultations secure?

Yes, our virtual smile consultations are processed through the Smile Virtual platform, which is fully HIPAA-compliant to keep patient information protected.

Get started on your healthy, beautiful smile today!