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What is teeth contouring? It’s the reshaping of the tooth length, shape, or position. If your teeth are too crowded, chipped, or overlapping, teeth contouring may be a viable option. In some cases, teeth contouring has been a cost-effective alternative to braces because the reshaping gives the appearance of straight teeth.

Facts About Teeth Contouring:

  • Teeth contouring sessions can vary from 1 to 3 sessions, depending on how much work you need done.

  • Your teeth need to be healthy and have enough bone between the tooth to support them. If you have too little of enamel, teeth contouring can weaken your teeth even further. Cosmetic veneers and bonding may be suggested in addition to teeth contouring.

  • Teeth contouring can possibly improve your bite.

  • Teeth contouring doesn’t require anesthetic, but if you experience dental anxiety, we can provide sedation dentistry as an option.

What Happens During Dental Contouring?

First, your cosmetic dentist will take an x-ray to determine if your teeth can support dental contouring. Sometimes we will suggest bonding or veneers. Afterward, it’s time to get to work. By using sanding-like dental instruments, we will go in and eliminate the imperfections on the surface of your teeth. After shaping the sides, the teeth will be polished and smoothed.

Do you have more questions about dental contouring or would like to schedule a consultation? Give us a ring at Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry, we’d love to see you!