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Your finally got your teeth all straightened out. Now to keep them that way! Here are some common problems experienced by retainer wearers and their solutions!

My retainer changes how I speak.

You’ve got your retainer, you’re all set. You pop it in, and everything seems to be going great. Until you have to speak. No need to be alarmed! It makes total sense that a piece of plastic and wire shoved into your mouth would cause a little difficulty with enunciating. Take comfort in another thing that makes total sense: you will get used to it and sound like your old self again.

  • Spend time each night reading a book aloud to yourself, making sure to practice each sound.

  • If you come upon something you have difficulty pronouncing repeat it to yourself and try forming it differently in your mouth.

  • If weeks have gone by and practicing has made absolutely no change, ask your dentist to be sure that you are fit properly.

My retainer hurts.

If you were to wear your retainer all the time you probably wouldn’t feel too much discomfort. This is because the retainer, as it is intended, holds your place in one certain position. Without taking off the retainer your teeth never have a chance to shift from that position. However, if you, like many wearers, wear your retainer only at night or every other day (but always as prescribed!), then you may experience some discomfort upon putting it on again. Short term, take an over the counter pain medication to help reduce the level of discomfort. Then, be sure to speak with your dentist and let them know about the pain. It could be due to something that requires attention (like incoming wisdom teeth), or it could be that you are just not wearing it often enough. If you have any sores or cuts that are being caused by your retainer immediately contact your dentist. Your retainer could be ill fitting and need to be altered.

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