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Have you smiled today? Well, you should because today is World Smile Day! Whether you’re celebrating your birthday, your half-birthday, or just Friday, there is always a reason to celebrate and smile.

How World Smile Day Got Started

It started with the smiley face. Created by commercial artist named Harvey Ball in 1963, the smiley face was used as part of a campaign to boost company morale. Harvey said that it only took ten minutes to create and soon after the company began printing the signature smiley face on buttons, desk cards, and posters. By the 1970s, the smiley face fad erupted, and the rest is history.
After years passed, Harvey’s concern grew over the commercialization of his iconic image. He wanted the smiley face to represent happiness, and so he decided to reserve one day of the year devoted to helping people smile: the first friday of October. He called it World Smile Day, and, while it started in his hometown, Worchester, Massachusetts, World Smile Day is now celebrated all over the world!

Quick Tips To A Great Smile

  • Brush twice a day and floss once a day. Basic oral hygiene is important to a great smile.
  • Schedule regular dental appointments, a good cleaning helps prevent from future dental diseases.
  • Have a great day. Think about an upcoming trip you’ve planned, the beautiful weather, or anything positive to bring on a smile. And then keep in mind that smiling is contagious and spread your smile!

Here at Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry, we want you to go out and flash that smile. Contact us today and schedule an appointment; we’d love to see you!