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As far as we know, it’s nobody’s favorite activity, but tooth extractions are an important and sometimes necessary procedure for those suffering from some dental ailments. Likewise, whether or not the procedure itself is bad, extraction of a permanent tooth means that tooth is gone forever. So what can you do to prevent ever having to withstand this procedure? Read on to find out:

The Reasons for Tooth Extraction

  • Tooth Decay and Cavities — A filling is not a solution to tooth decay or cavities. If oral hygiene habits don’t improve, a cavity with a filling can still lead to a necessary removal of a tooth. Indeed, despite all the dental advancement and cavity prevention that has occurred over the past several decades, cavities and tooth decay are still the number one cause of tooth extraction in the world.
  • Impacted Teeth — An impacted tooth is a tooth that doesn’t have enough room to grow in properly without causing crowding or pain. Most commonly this occurs with your third molars (i.e. your wisdom teeth) which need to be removed because they can potentially (or eventually do) cause significant pain in a patient.
  • Abscessed Teeth — Abscessed teeth are essentially infected teeth, often from the spread of gum or periodontal disease surrounding the tooth in question. If such a situation develops to a point that is too severe, extraction of the tooth may be necessary.
  • Cosmetic Purposes — Sometimes removal of teeth can enhance the appearance of someone’s smile. For example, patients with fractured, chipped or even too many teeth may elect to have these teeth extracted (and if necessary replaced) in order to rehabilitate their broken smile. Additionally, some cosmetic procedures such as braces may require the extraction of a tooth prior to treatment.

If you have any questions about tooth extraction, think you may need a tooth extraction or would simply like to schedule an appointment with Dr. D’Alfonso, get in contact with our office: Lakeway Center for Cosmetic & Family Dentistry.