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If there’s one thing that everyone wants when it comes to their teeth, it’s nice, white teeth to help maintain a great-looking smile. Nevertheless, keeping your teeth white isn’t always easy. There are many factors out there that can cause teeth to turn yellow or brownish in color. However, knowledge is power, and knowing the potential causes of tooth discoloration can help you take preventative steps to ensure your smile stays great.

Common Causes of Tooth Discoloration

  • Drinking Dark, Staining Beverages — Unfortunately, some of our favorite drinks are not always the favorite drinks of our teeth. Consuming excess amounts of tea, coffee, cola and red wine all have potential staining agents which can potentially cause your teeth to not be as white as you want. In small amounts, these drinks should be okay, but in large quantities, they can have a potential negative impact on your smile.

  • Tobacco Usage — When it comes to smoking, tooth discoloration should be the least of your concerns because of the potential impacts tobacco usage can have on tooth decay and your overall health. Nevertheless, tobacco contains tar, which can potentially discolor your teeth in some pretty severe ways. Though it’s not always easy to quit, your smile will suffer if you’re a regular partaker in tobacco usage.

  • Fluorosis — Fluorosis has become an increasing issue for many people. Fluorosis occurs when there is exposure to high levels of fluoride during a developmental period of tooth growth. Though most cases are benign and have no lasting effects on the health of teeth, they can potentially manifest as unpleasant aesthetic changes to the tooth — including discoloration.

  • Age — Teeth just don’t stay consistently white over time. As you get older, teeth begin to become more yellow and opaque in their appearance. This is, unfortunately, just a natural course of life.

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