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missing tooth

Losing a tooth can happen anytime, either from practicing a sport such as football to even just walking down the stairs and missing a step. It’s an experience that can leave many with worry and pain as they look for a way to fix their smile.

Thankfully, by following a few simple instructions it’s possible to reduce dental trauma and even save your tooth.

Locate the tooth

When your tooth is knocked out or falls out, immediately locate the tooth or any broken pieces. For some, this could be as easy and picking it up from the ground near them. However, there are situations where the tooth could have fallen into grass or other areas that are obscured.

When you do find it, pick it up by the crown and avoid touching the roots which could easily become damaged or covered in dirt. By doing this, you are able to ensure that your tooth remains as clean as possible while keeping the tissue cells of the root alive.

If possible, replace the tooth into the socket

If you’re able to and don’t have extensive injury, place the tooth back into the socket before making your way to the dentist. This will make it more likely that your tooth will be saved and that your dentist can splinter it into place.

If you notice some dirt or other substances on the tooth, rinse it with water, milk, or other neutral liquids to clean off the debris before placing it back into your mouth.

If you’re unable to place the tooth back into the socket due to damage, it’s best to place the tooth in a container and go with a dentist as soon as possible.

Use milk or water to preserve the tooth

By placing the tooth in milk you are able to keep the tissue cells in the root alive until the tooth is able to be replaced. This is essential since it allows for the tooth to have a higher chance of being placed back in the socket.

Low-fat, unflavored, cold milk is best to ensure that the tissue cells are preserved better due to its neutral PH. However, other substances like cold water should be enough.

If you don’t have access to any of these substances, placing the tooth in your mouth and near your cheek is a good replacement.

Immediately go to your dentist

Timing is everything in saving the tooth, and going with your dentist as soon as possible ensures the best possible outcome. They will be able to assess the damage to your tooth socket and if the tooth will be able to saved.

If your tooth has not fallen but you experience bleeding from the socket, placing a piece of gauze or tissue to control the bleeding is important. This will provide you enough time to seek emergency dental care.

A healthy, complete smile can be saved

If you follow the steps mentioned above you will increase the likelihood of saving a knocked out or loose tooth and making it possible for the dental professional to reattach it. But, it’s necessary to seek emergency dental care when you lose a tooth unexpectedly in order to have a chance at saving your smile.

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