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If you are interested in saving money and staying healthy, getting dental X-rays should be a priority. Through dental X-rays, dentists can treat dental problems early on before they cause serious, complicated issues.

Through dental X-rays, your dentist can see these types of issues:

  • decay between teeth or in existing fillings
  • bone loss
  • infections in your bone
  • abscesses or cysts in your gums
  • if children’s teeth are coming in properly
  • wisdom teeth development and if they are impacted

There are a few factors your dentist considers when determining how often you need dental X-rays. If you have good oral health and visit your dentist regularly,  you may only need them every few years. If you are a new patient, the dentist will likely take X-rays to compare any changes that might occur.

Usually children need more X-rays than adults since their teeth and jaws are still growing and their teeth are more prone to decay. If you have had extensive restorative work, drink or eat a lot of sugary beverages or food, have gum disease or dry mouth, you will need to get dental X-rays more often to effectively manage your oral health.

Some may be concerned about exposure to radiation in dental X-rays, but dentistry advances have greatly minimized the amount of radiation used. If you are concerned about X-rays, your dentist will be happy to speak with you more about it.

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