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woman eating harmful food for teeth

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Most people know to not eat sugar, and let it sit on your teeth. But there are other foods that can harm to your teeth too that you might not have thought about.

Here are 9 unlikely foods that you should avoid to keep your smile as healthy as can be:

  1. Ice is something many people have the habit of chomping on after finishing a drink. Since ice is so hard, as you chew it, your teeth can start to crack without you even realizing. It’s best to put away the ice, and get out some gum.
  2. Curry is a food you might love to eat, but your teeth don’t love it quite as much. Since curry powder has such a deep pigment, you can stain your teeth over time by eating it often.Always try to drink water after eating curry to try to help wash away the pigment before it sets to your teeth.
  3. Corn on the cob brings happy summer memories, but if you have dental sealants, dental fillings, dentures or braces, biting down on corn on the cob can loosen your dental work. It’s best to scrape the corn off the cob, and eat it with a spoon to avoid harming your teeth.
  4. Vinegar might not contain sugar, it is highly acidic, which can lead to tooth erosion and tooth decay. Lettuce helps lessen the harmful effects of the acid.
  5. Salad Dressings are usually packed full of vinegar to enhance the flavor of salads. As mentioned before, the acidity in the vinegar results in damage to your teeth and could cause weakening of the enamel. Some salad dressings also have added sugar for a sweeter taste that could spell out a recipe for disaster. Stick to only the salad or opt for less dressing to minimize the effects.
  6. Dried Fruit might sound healthy, but it contains a massive amount of added sugar to enhance the flavor. Add in a stickiness that could rival candies and you have a problem just waiting to happen. Instead, eat dried fruit without added sugar or go for fresh fruit which contains nutrient-rich fiber.
  7. Bread has been a staple for many people’s diets. Unfortunately, the processed carbs are just hidden sugars and could impact your health. Saliva in the mouth breaks down the carbs that convert it to sugar at a rapid pace. Bacteria in the mouth then proceeds to multiply, releasing an acid that damages your enamel.
  8. Vegetable Juice contains a low PH point, and the lower the number the more damage it causes. Every time you drink or eating something acidic, it results in your enamel softening. The surface is then demineralized and is prone to cavities.Tomato juice is a standout in this category due to the acidity of the tomato. Other fruit juices such as orange juice and lemon juice also have a low PH and promote the same harmful consequences.
  9. Kombucha is a sugary tea with a following that has grown tenfold in the past few years. It can cause as much damage as a soda packed with sugar. With a PH of 2.5, it is sure to cause harm to your smile if consumed on a daily basis.If you’re at risk for cavities, then kombucha just might be one of those drinks to pass on. Instead, opt for green and black tea which, when combined with fluoridated water, provide compounds that suppress harmful bacteria in plaque.

This list might seem intimidating to some, but there are alternatives apart from teeth whitening to help keep your teeth looking healthy.

Soy milk and milk are two standout choices that provide a neutral PH and allow for the drinks to consumed without harm. They also contain calcium which provides a healthy boost of nutrients for your bones.

Likewise, water is the king offering a healthy boost of hydration without any damage to your mouth. Fluoridated water especially is a favorite due to the fluoride that provides extra protection.

We previously shared a list of six foods you should be eating to whiten your teeth, and eating those is recommended to ensure that your smile is as healthy as can be.

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