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Digital dental x-rays offer a more comfortable and more convenient way to take x-rays for dentistry. Like traditional x-rays, digital dental x-rays offer a look into the teeth, bones, mouth, jaw, and soft tissues. They can expose any hidden problems.

A digital x-ray uses a smaller sensor than a traditional x-ray machine. This results in more comfort for the patient and less exposure to radiation.

What Advantages Do Digital X-Rays Have?

  • No development time
  • Easily customizable
  • Stored in a database
  • Works with digital imaging software

Your dentist can enhance your digital x-ray to see in greater detail what dental problems affect you. Digital database storage allows dentists to recall information from your dental history to minimize time in treatment and understand your needs. Also, digital x-rays are available instantly once they are taken.

How Does My Dentist Use Digital X-Rays?

A dental x-ray shows things that aren’t always visible to a physical examination of the mouth.

Dental x-rays help your dentist plan for treatment. It can show decay, abscesses, position of the roots, wisdom teeth growth, and other issues that need the attention of a dentist.

Your dentist will take a full mouth series of x-rays if you are a new patient. The dentist can start a dental history after taking the first full set. Patients may come in for a minor problem and discover a major problem once the dentist has a full picture of the patient’s dental condition. A full mouth series stays accurate for around three years.

bite-wing x-ray is an x-ray of the patient’s teeth biting down. These are taken at check-ups. They are used to look for new dental problems.

Will I Be Exposed to Radiation?

Yes, but digital x-rays expose your body to a much lower degree of radiation than traditional x-rays. They are more targeted than any other type of x-ray. A smaller portion of your body will be exposed to radiation while x-rays are taken. The digital x-ray method cuts radiation exposure by up to 80%.

Some patients may be curious why a dentist leaves the room during the dental x ray if the amount of radiation is so small. Your dentist is exposed to the x-ray process process all day long. To avoid overexposure, the dentist must avoid radiation whenever possible.

Should I Worry If I’m Pregnant?

Please inform your dentist if you are or think you may be pregnant. Although dental x-rays expose a patient to very little radiation, routine x-rays should wait until after pregnancy. Emergency x-rays are acceptable. According to the American College of Radiology, the radiation from a single dental x-ray is not enough to affect the development of an unborn child.

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