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National tell a joke day - dental edition

Our Favorite Dental Jokes

August 16th is National tell a joke day and what better way to commemorate this occasion than with a “hilarious” dental joke. We picked some of our favorites and wanted to share them with you.

When does a king know that it’s time to visit the dentist?

When he needs some work done on his crown

What does a dentist look for in a new computer?

Plenty of bytes

What do vampires and dentures have in common?

They both need to come out at night

What happens to a bear if he loses his teeth?

He becomes a gummy bear

Why did the dentist refuse to go out on a date?

He was already taking out a tooth

Why do dentists always win at tug of war?

They know how to brace themselves

What is a dentist’s favorite way to wirelessly connect a device?

With Bluetooth

What did the dentist win?

A little plaque

Why did the deer need cosmetic dental surgery?

He had buck teeth

What do dentists and golfers have in common?

They are always looking for the next hole-in-one

What is the best way to fix a broken tooth?

Tooth Paste

Why would a doughnut go to the dentist?

He needed to get a filling

What is a dentist’s favorite game?

Tooth or Dare

When should a tree go to the dentist

When it needs a root canal

More Jokes

If you want to hear more corny dental jokes or need dental work, please get in touch with our team, we promise to be nice, we don’t want to hurt anyone’s fillings.

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