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A study published in General Dentistry has compared the effect soda drinking has on teeth to the similar effects drug use can have on oral health. A team of researcher compared the mouths of three study participants: a cocaine user, a methamphetamine user, and a soda drinker. The differences between the three were not as different as one would hope. In fact the teeth of the three were almost indistinguishable. All participants suffered from severe enamel erosion and the same kind of tooth decay. While the soda drinker did report his soda consumption to be excessive, the idea that soda could have anywhere near the effects of these dangerous drugs is frightening!

  • Water is always going to be your healthiest drink option. Many fruit juices and sports drinks have sugar levels that are comparable to that of soda, but often they will also contain less of the acid that is so hard on teeth.

  • If you do decide to continue to drink soda, try swishing some water through your mouth after drinking it. Soda contains stubborn sugar particles that stick to teeth and breed infection-causing bacteria. Just a quick rinse with water can help wash away this harmful sugar buildup.

  • Diet soda is no less harmful than regular soda. It still contains high levels of harmful citric acid, even if it does substitute regular sugar for sweeteners.

  • Refrain from brushing your teeth immediately after consuming soda. While this might seem like a smart way to wipe away sugar and help reneutralize your mouth, you could be grinding minuscule sugar molecules into your teeth.

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