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As the holidays approach, so do lots of holiday parties full of friends and food. Eating those delicious sugar-coated Christmas cookies is fun, but leaves your teeth with bacteria that can result in cavities. Yet there is other food to snack on while you are chatting near the Christmas tree that not only tastes good, but also helps fight cavities.

1. Cheese

As you dig into the holiday cheese plate, your teeth are thanking you. Cheese, as well as broccoli and nuts, is rich in calcium. Calcium is a great combatant against tooth decay and helps fortify your teeth.

2. Carrots

You may decide to put some carrots and dip on your plate to feel better about the other food you are eating, but those veggies can support your teeth too. Food that is high in fiber, like carrots, apples and bananas, can help keep your saliva flowing, which builds mineral defenses against tooth decay.

3. Pasta

Don’t feel too guilty about indulging in heart-warming pasta this season, as long as its whole grain. Whole grains that are found in some pasta, cereal and brown rice, contain iron and B vitamins, which assist in promoting periodontal health, as well as magnesium, which is beneficial for bones and teeth.

4. Shrimp

As you dip your shrimp in cocktail sauce, you are getting ready to treat your teeth to much-needed phosphorus. Phosphorus, which is found in meat, fish and eggs, helps in forming tooth enamel, which is the building block to preventing tooth decay.