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Breaking a bad habit can be tough. But when that bad habit is knowingly degenerating the health of your teeth motivation couldn’t be easier to find! Here are some common habits that are harmful to your teeth.

  1. Ice Chewing- Although the temptation may be overwhelming, finishing a drink does not require you to crunch, chew or eat the remaining ice. The temperature and strength of the ice puts stress on your teeth that could lead to chips, fractures and cracks. Even if you’ve done it so many times before without a problem, your teeth could be experiencing minuscule cracks that can later lead to bigger problems. Finish your drink and throw the ice out!

  2. Nail Biting- It doesn’t just do damage to your pretty little fingertips. Nail biting can actually wear down the enamel of your teeth if you do it frequently enough. It can also throw your teeth out of alignment. Plus if you’re someone who allows their nervousness to manifest in nail biting, you’re much more likely to also suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding) as well. Put your hands in your pockets and keep your teeth safe.

  3. Oral Piercings- If you have an piercing in or around your mouth, repetitively toying with it can be harmful. Tongue piercings and the habit of bringing them to front of your mouth with your lips and tongue, has been shown to cause gapping in the front teeth. Also dragging the metal across the surface of your teeth can scratch and harm your enamel.

Call Dr. D’Alfonso of Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry today and score a few tips about how to break harmful habits like these!