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When you go to the store to buy a new toothbrush, it is overwhelming to stare at the endless rows of brightly colored brushes and pick which one is best.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best toothbrush for your teeth:

  • Size and Shape: Make sure your toothbrush head gives you easy access to all your teeth surfaces. Usually it should be a half-inch wide to one-inch tall because it is easier to use and more effective at removing bacteria. If your toothbrush head is too large, it won’t fit in the hard to reach places. The handle should be long enough, so you can hold it easily in your hand.
  • Bristles: You can choose between soft, medium and hard bristles. Soft-bristled toothbrushes are usually more comfortable and the safest choice for your teeth. If you brush too hard and use a medium or hard-bristled toothbrush, you can cause damage to your gums and teeth enamel. Also, make sure your brush bristles have rounded tips, which will also protect your enamel.
  • Manual or powered: It is up to you if you would like to spend the extra money to buy a powered toothbrush. The benefits of powered are that it can do a better job of cleaning teeth, especially if you have trouble with your manual dexterity and getting all your teeth cleaned. But if you are more comfortable with a manual toothbrush, stick with that option.
  • Replace: Make sure you replace your toothbrush every three months, or once the toothbrush starts to show wear and the bristles become frayed because it won’t be as effective in cleaning your teeth. Also, change your toothbrush if you have had a cold since the bristles can collect germs.