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Many people, including Jessica Simpson, say they don’t brush their teeth much, but instead use Listerine or another mouthwash. But this is very dangerous, and isn’t a good habit to start.

When you use mouthwash, many times you will feel a burning sensation because alcohol in the mouthwash is drying out your mouth. This results in more of your cells dying and boosts your risk of oral cancer. So be sure to not buy any mouthwash with alcohol, especially ethanol in it.

Many people use mouthwash to get fresh breath, but since mouthwash with alcohol actually dries out your mouth it makes your bad breath worse. The minty flavor covers up the smell for a little while, but in the long run mouthwash with alcohol increases stinky breath.

If you really want to get rid of your bad breath, the best option is to brush your teeth and floss after finishing each meal to get rid of plaque and built-up bacteria that causes bad breath. If you still want to use mouth wash, go for one that is alcohol free like Tom’s of Maine.

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