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When deciding which method of teeth straightening would be best suited to your needs consider the following:

Invisalign Advantages

  • Namely, Invisalign is, well, invisible. Or at least enough so that it would be difficult for someone to detect the transparent trays on your teeth. Invisalign is often an option for older patients seeking teeth straightening as metal braces are often associated with younger patients.

  • Invisalign is reported as being more comfortably than metal braces. Invisalign lacks the painful and jagged metal wires that braces are made up of.

  • One need not avoid specific foods or spend time worrying about whether or not food is caught in Invisalign, as with metal braces. Invisalign is smooth and lays very tightly on the teeth ridding wearers of this concern.

Braces Advantages

  • Capable of reshaping and realigning malformed bites. Can also widen or narrow smile depending on what is necessary.

  • Braces are thought better for more serious or involved cases of teeth straightening. They offer the orthodontist much more control in the final outcome and can also do a lot all at once.

Invisalign Disadvantages

  • Invisalign is often thought to have limits in what sort of results it can achieve. Specifically Invisalign has difficulty rotating stubborn teeth and making the vertical changes that are sometimes necessary during a teeth straightening procedure.

  • Invisalign is generally thought effective when tackling simpler cases.

  • Invisalign has difficulty bringing any sort of change to a wearer’s bite if it is misaligned.

Braces Disadvantages

  • Braces, which include the use of taut wires, metal brackets and bands, can sometimes be more painful than Invisalign. When you have braces your teeth are constantly being readjusted, and there’s no taking them off for a break like with Invisalign.

  • The brackets that are glued to teeth can often cause spot staining from a regular intake of dark food or drinks. They also are apt to catch and trap food particles. Cleaning metal braces is more difficult than Invisalign since they cannot be removed.

Whichever you choose be sure to meet and discuss what you’re leaning towards and why with your dentist/orthodontist prior! Call and make an appointment with Dr. D’Alfonso today!