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dental-bonding-lakeway-cosmeticThese days, dentures aren’t just for your grandparents. Not only are dentures used to enhance the smile, and teeth, but they can help improve the self-esteem of any one, at any age, especially for someone who is missing teeth. Overdentures are a form of dentures that are available for certain patients. People who need some form of dental replacement may be concerned that they can’t afford a procedure like overdentures. Fortunately, many dentists offer payment plans. In addition to payment plans, the office staff will know how to contact companies that provide financing for dental procedures. Check your dental insurance coverage to determine whether or not this type of procedure would be deemed as cosmetic.

What are Overdentures?

Overdentures are for patients who do not need all of their teeth pulled for traditional dentures. They provide a natural fit and will not cause mouth sores. For many, overdentures are more convenient than regular dentures. Many have to remove their dentures to eat. For several dental patients, dentures are more aesthetic than functional.

The Process

Overdentures are fitted over several appointments. During the first appointment, the dentist will make impressions of the natural teeth. They will then use the impression to make the overdentures. The attachments for the overdentures are placed on the natural teeth of the patient. This is done by mounting them on the root of the natural teeth that are left in the mouth. The remaining teeth in the mouth will be shaped to support the overdentures. An acrylic denture is sometimes given for temporary use and in some instances, a patient’s current dentures can be modified to be used as temporary dentures.
The second appointment starts by checking the fit of what will be the custom tray. The master tray is inserted into the mouth. A softened wax will be used to border the mold. The lab will use the completed mold to fashion the exact position of the overdentures for the patient’s mouth.
The third appointment continues the fitting process. Since the overdentures are meant to be a natural extension of the patient’s teeth, it is very important that the fit is checked at every appointment. Many people choose overdentures because they do not like the idea that dentures are ill-fitting for most people.
The fourth appointment includes a wax try on. At this time, the dentist will check the esthetics of the future overdentures. The way the prosthetic will work is also checked. The dentist will check the overbite and underbite. In short, this appointment will help the dentist determine that the overdentures will work as desired for the patient.
At the fifth and final appointment, the dentist will check for sore spots in the patient’s mouth, and check for stability. Hygiene instruction will be given during this appointment to maximize the life of the overdentures.
With overdentures, it is critical to brush twice a day, everyday. The dental hygienist will explain the proper brushing technique and explain the proper way to use the antibacterial cleaning solution. If food and plaque are not cleaned from the overdentures, they may not attach properly.
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