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A tongue scraper, sometimes called a tongue cleaner or tongue brush, might at first look a little pointless. What is this piece of plastic going to do for you that your toothbrush doesn’t already? Doesn’t your tongue keep itself clean? For the most part, yes. But neglecting to clean your tongue is the number one cause of halitosis, and can promote bacterial growth that can be harmful to your teeth.


What Is A Tongue Scraper?

  • Tongue scrapers can be made from plastic, metal or many other materials.
  • They often resemble a toothbrush without the bristled head. They are shaped to reflect the anatomy of the tongue.
  • Feature a curved edge meant to scrape the tongue.

How Can It Help You?

  • Dentists have found that nearly every case of halitosis originates on the back of the tongue, a spot easily reached by a tongue scraper.
  • Tongue scraping can remove up to 90% of anaerobic bacteria.
  • Scraping can remove plaque buildup on the tongue

Be cautious when using a tongue scraper not to use it too aggressively or more than twice a day. Overscraping your tongue can result in damaged taste buds.
If after using a tongue scraper you find yourself still suffering from halitosis call Dr. D’Alfonso today and schedule an appointment.