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Halloween is right around the corner. Sugar overload from all sorts of candy put all of us at risk for cavities, but do you know what’s even more scary? Foods we eat and drink regularly that affect our teeth. Let’s do a run-down of some foods that you may or may not have known are affecting your teeth. From staining to enamel rot, these foods do it all.

Foods That Affect Our Teeth:

  1. Berries. We all love berries, whether we eat them whole or we put them in our pies, their tasty, sweet goodness is something we cannot resist. Be careful though, the dark hues of blackberries, cherries, and pomegranates can stain our pearly whites. Don’t forget the acidity that comes with berries that can eat away at our tooth enamel!

  2. Dried fruit. Might want to rethink trail mix the next time you go on a road trip. Dried fruit has two qualities that make up the perfect combination for eroding enamel and cavities: they’re sticky and full of sugar. Try bringing real fruit on your next road trip or as an alternative snack option.

  3. Apples. You know what they say, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but maybe not your dentist. Apples have high acidity and biting into them day in and day out leaves your teeth prone to enamel rot. Eat with moderation or make sure you rinse with water after you finish your daily apple.

  4. Sauces. Eating rich-colored sauces leave your teeth prone to staining. These sauces include soy sauces, tomato sauce, and even curry sauces.

  5. Tea. Arguably said to stain your teeth more than coffee, something you may not know is that this also includes herbal and white teas! Be mindful next time you drink tea and rinse after, drinking tea contributes to tooth staining and enamel erosion.

  6. Diet soda. Diet sodas, regular sodas- dark sodas will stain your teeth. Even though diet sodas lack the sugar, the acidity can contribute to enamel erosion.

Six surprisingly scary foods that affect our teeth, who would have known? Make sure you rinse after eating or drinking, this will reduce the staining. But if you’d like to come in for a whitening consultation, we’d love to see you at Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry.