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Study Shows Diet Soda Can Harm Teeth Like Illicit Drugs

If you are a big diet soda drinker, you probably feel good about not indulging in regular soda that is loaded with sugar and calories. But don’t pat yourself on the back for too long. Diet soda might be better for you waistline, but if you drink diet soda for years, it can harm your teeth just like years of doing illicit drugs harms your teeth, according to a General Dentistry report.

The case study looked at the damage in three people’s mouths: a meth user, a cocaine user, and someone who drank about two liters of diet soda a day for three to five years. Each patient had poor oral hygiene and didn’t regularly visit the dentist. The study showed that those who did drugs and the person who drank diet soda appeared to have the same tooth erosion damage.

Even though diet soda doesn’t have sugar, both diet and regular soda are very acidic. These acids start to erode your tooth enamel. Once your protective tooth enamel weakens, your teeth become weak and more prone to cavities. Plus, if you don’t brush your teeth well and have weak tooth enamel, it can lead to tooth loss.

This wasn’t an extensive study, but it still shows how excessive diet soda drinking can harm your teeth. Its important to drink diet soda in moderation, always drink water after finishing a soda to help rinse away the acid, or chew gum that promotes saliva and clears away acid.

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