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3d Dental scanner

With the development of new technology, cosmetic dentistry has advanced far beyond the practices of old. Leaving behind the days of “metal-mouth” and “brace-face”, many patients now opt for clear, plastic aligner trays over traditional metal braces for cosmetic teeth corrections. With so much progress in the field of clear aligners, it’s not hard to see why most elect to use clear aligners like Invisalign. But with so much growth and development in that field, it’s become somewhat difficult for many to choose between the various options now available on the market.

Two of the most popular services of clear aligners available on the market today are Invisalign and Smile Direct Club. While similar in some aspects, the two services differ greatly in many areas.

The biggest differences between the two services are their approaches to process and their methods of creating a dental impression. For process, Invisalign utilizes expert cosmetic dentists to directly manage and oversee each individual patient, whereas Smile Direct Club is more of a DIY solution. In regard to impression methods, Invisalign employs the iTero 3D scanning system, while Smile Direct Club uses traditional, dental impression trays.

There may be advantages and disadvantages to both systems, but with an overview of the two different brands, Invisalign seems to be the optimal choice for patients looking for the best treatments.

Professional vs. DIY

With modern society’s evolving trend of independence, DIY solutions have become very popular. However, when it comes to areas such as cosmetic dentistry, DIY may not be the best solution. Having a professional touch is hard to beat. That is where Invisalign and Smile Direct Club greatly differ.

With Invisalign, clear aligners are applied, handled, and monitored directly by dentists and orthodontists. Patients directly interact with experts and receive their professional help throughout the entire process. These experts personally work with the patient to ensure the best results.

For Smile Direct Club, patients are responsible for creating their own molds for their teeth as well as monitoring their own progress. With no actual direct contact, patients only interact with a dentist or orthodontist through remote teledentistry, a form of online communication for dental care. Through this system, patients are generally responsible for most of their own process.

iTero 3D Scanning vs. Traditional Impression Kits

The biggest difference between Invisalign and Smile Direct Club is their difference in methods for acquiring dental impressions. Before using clear aligners, patients must first obtain an impression of their teeth in order to create an appropriate-fitting clear aligner.

With Invisalign, patients undergo iTero scanning, a 3D imaging system that generates a highly accurate view of a patient’s mouth. With Smile Direct Club, patients utilize traditional dental impression trays. With its advantages in comfort, accuracy, and progression checks, iTero is the clear winner between the two.

When it comes to traditional, physical dental impressions, patients bite down on a sticky, goopy material that is used to form an impression of their teeth. This can be quite unpleasant and many patients will gag during this process. For iTero scans, dentists simply use a digital wand to scan a patient’s mouth. The iTero scan is much less messy and much more comfortable than traditional impression methods.

Not only is the iTero scan less messy and more comfortable, but it also produces a much more accurate scan of a patient’s mouth, which means fewer redoes, better fitting aligners, and better results.

Other advantages the iTero holds over traditional impressions are its ability to simulate treatment outcomes. Allowing dentists and orthodontists to track a patient’s progress, and the ability to project future corrections and adjustments. With iTero, patients can receive the highest level of maintenance and care they need while using their clear aligners.

As the two biggest names in clear aligner services today, Invisalign and Smile Direct Club each hold their own merit. But for patients looking for the best, Invisalign and its use of the iTero 3D scanning system offers the reliability, comfort, and accuracy that patients need in order to achieve the finest results.

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