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No longer do you have to visit a massage clinic to benefit from regular massages. Certified massage therapists can now regularly be found at airports, hospitals, various businesses and yes, even right here at Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry. Regular massages are proven to have various health benefits.

Benefits of Massagemassage-benefits-lakeway-cosmetic

    • Massages can help your muscles release any buildup of tension or anxiety.
    • Massages are proven to help in treating digestive disorders.
    • By loosening tightened muscles massages can help in preventing sports or general injury.
    • Massages can help relieve patients of the anxiety that certain medical treatments or procedures induce.
    • The complete muscle relaxation that massages result in is shown to allow for a better night’s sleep.
    • Some mental health issues like depression or situational anxiety can be managed through regular massages.


    Types of Massage

    There are various types of massages that a profession can administer. While some are comfortable in providing more than one type of service, others choose instead to specialize in a particular type. Some of the types of massage are:

    • Trigger point– This type of massage locates and targets a single spot of tight muscle that could be bringing the body pain.
    • Sports– A sports massage is intended to relieve athletes of the pain or tightness that may be occurring in a particular area.
    • Deep tissue– This type of massage targets the deeper tissues and knots that may occur in them. Often after receiving this type of massage patients experience soreness and then greater relief.
    • Swedish– A Swedish massage is similar to deep tissue but does not target as deeply. It employs light to medium pressures.

    Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry houses its very own certified massage therapist! Call today and schedule an appointment that promises only relaxation!