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Following a proper oral health routine is important for the health and wellness of your teeth. But, with the daily rush of having to go to work or school, many might wonder if it’s actually worth the time to brush their tongues. Here are some of the reasons why brushing it is important and how not doing so can affect your health.

Is Brushing Your Tongue Important?

Brushing twice a day and flossing is an essential part of an oral care regimen. But, the reality is that a proper oral health care routing involves more than just brushing your teeth.

Your Tongue Is Covered In Bacteria

Your tongue is a perfect environment for bacteria. It’s warm and just moist enough, so bacteria flourish and contribute to bad breath. Even worse than bad breath, these bacteria can travel to other parts of your mouth and cause tooth decay and gum disease. Brushing it each time you brush your teeth can make a huge difference in your overall oral health.

Bacteria Can Buildup

If enough bacteria accumulates on your tongue you might develop a white film. This film is made up of bacteria that sticks together on the surface, often causing some dulling of your sense of taste. If you see white spots on your tongue they are most likely a buildup of bacteria.

Not cleaning your tongue can often lead to a growth in these white spots while also placing your mouth at risk of bad breath and even tooth damage. Some might consider using mouthwash to help remedy this, but this only gets rid of the bacteria in the outside of the film, leaving the cells underneath to live.

In order to properly remove the bacteria, it’s necessary to clean by using your toothbrush or a tongue scraper.

How To Brush Your Tongue

Brushing your tongue involves little effort and can be done while you’re brushing your teeth. All it takes are some soft brushes from side to side and up and down.

Tongue Scrapers Are Useful Too

They have been used by thousands to take care of their oral health through history. Most notably, they’ve been used in traditional Indian medicine to remove debris and maintain overall health as part of a daily cleansing ritual.

Today’s tongue scrapers are made of plastic but are just as effective at removing the film of bacteria. They are also easy to use, often involving a few slow swipes across to remove most of the buildup. However, care should be taken to not scrape too far into the mouth to prevent gagging or discomfort.

Keep Your Mouth Clean

Maintaining proper oral health is important. By brushing your teeth at least two times each day, flossing, and brushing your tongue you will be well on your way to maintain a healthy smile.

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