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Recently gummy vitamins for kids and adults are becoming more popular because it is a fun way to take vitamins. But even though these vitamins taste like candy, and are  good for your body, they are not good for your teeth.

These vitamins have ingredients found in many candies, such as glucose syrup, starch, artificial flavors, colorings, gelatin, citric acid, and most importantly sugar. As a result they are very harmful to your children’s teeth and your teeth.

Citric acid will dissolve tooth enamel, especially in children since their enamel is softer than ours. Once the enamel wears away, bacteria can creep in. Once the sugar on the candy interacts with the bacteria, the bacteria will create an acid that destroys tooth enamel even more.

Plus, since the vitamins are “gummy” they stick to the teeth. Saliva and water can’t easily wash them away, so it can result in cavities. Try switching your child to a chewable vitamin, such as a Flinstones vitamin, or a liquid vitamin because these won’t harm their teeth.

Make sure you teach your children about why it is important to take steps to prevent cavities. If they learn good dental habits at a young age, they will keep them as they grow up. Contact Lakeway Center for Cosmetic and Family Dentistry today to learn more about dental care.