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Seaweed, which many enjoy when they eat sushi or other Japanese food, has been shown to possibly help prevent cavities.

Researchers from Newcastle University were studying how to clean ship hulls with seaweed and discovered a new way to prevent cavities in the process, a recent study shows. A microbe was found on the surface of seaweed that can protect dentures and freshen teeth and gums.

It is possible to still attract cavities, even if you brush regularly, because toothpaste can sometimes remove protective teeth enamel necessary for stopping bacteria. But this seaweed enzyme would cut through plaque and bacteria, and not harm teeth enamel in the process.

Since this seaweed enzyme can slash through plaque or bacteria, researchers hope to harness its power into a consumer toothpaste, mouthwash or denture cleaner.

The Newcastle University researchers quickly discovered that this seaweed enzyme could be used not only for keeping ship hulls clean, but on teeth bacteria, and protecting medical implants that easily suffer from infection.

So next time you bite into your seaweed wrapped sushi, think of how you could be fighting plaque while enjoying your dinner. To learn more about how to prevent cavities and teeth infection, you should contact the Lakeway Center for Cosmetic and Family Dentistry.