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Are You Using The Right Toothbrush?

toothbrush close upAfter brushing our teeth everyday since we were kids, it’s not surprising to see that we often take our toothbrush for granted and simply see it as yet another thing to do in our cleaning routine. But, did you know that choosing the right toothbrush is essential for good oral health?

There are so many different kinds of toothbrushes, including a large variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. This sometimes confuses people who are searching for the best toothbrush for their personal needs.

Here are a few things to consider when searching for the best toothbrush for you:

Bristles are the most important

Most dentists and hygienists recommend soft-bristled brushes, as they work best to safely and comfortably remove food particles and plaque from the teeth and gum line. Medium or hard bristles can potentially damage your gums or enamel if you brush too hard. Those who use a hard bristled toothbrush often notice that their gums are receding and their teeth become more sensitive to hot or cold temperatures.

In the majority of cases, a soft bristled toothbrush is enough to effectively clean your teeth, and it’s less damaging to your gums and enamel. A soft bristle will also provide a comfortable cleaning experience while ensuring that all the bacteria are removed in a safe way.

You might be attracted to choosing “natural” bristles over the standard nylon. Natural-bristled brushes are often more expensive and wear out more quickly than nylon, and there’s little data available on natural bristles to confirm their effectiveness or safety.

The size of the brush head

The brush head should easily fit into your mouth and reach the surfaces of all your teeth. Most adults will find that a half-inch head is the easiest to use and will most effectively clean the teeth. Larger heads might not reach the back molars and might even cause unneeded damage to gums.

Kid’s have smaller mouths and teeth and require brushes with smaller heads. Another factor to consider when choosing kid’s brushes is whether they’ll willingly use their brushes or avoid brushing altogether. Toothbrushes come in a wide variety of styles and colors, so letting them choose their own will often be enough to encourage them to brush.

How comfortable is the handle?

The best toothbrush for you will have a handle that has the best proportions to comfortably hold while you’re brushing. A non-slip grip on the handle allows you to securely hold the brush, even when it’s wet. A good handle will also be designed to accommodate the various ways people tend to hold their brushes.

Store brand toothbrushes VS Well known brands

While it might be appealing to buy cheap toothbrushes from stores, it’s important to keep in mind that you often get what you pay for. Your oral health is too valuable to risk by using an unsafe brush.

Instead invest in an ADA recommended brush. ADA approved toothbrushes have been evaluated for their safety by an independent body of scientific experts. This ensures that the type of toothbrush you use will not damage your teeth, will not have the bristles fall out while in use, and will be the most effective for removing bacteria.

Is electric better than manual?

Electric toothbrushes are often more expensive and are no more effective than manual models. However, some people might have better results with electric brushes. This includes those who suffer from hand injuries or arthritis and face difficulty in holding a brush long enough to thoroughly clean their teeth.

Dental professionals recommend brushing your teeth for two minutes and since an electric toothbrush does most of the work it’s often less tiring for the hand. In addition, kids who sometimes neglect to brush might find an electric brush more fun to use.

A cleaner mouth begins with a good toothbrush

It may take some trial and error, but finding the toothbrush that works best for you will provide several benefits. From a healthier mouth to cleaner teeth, a good toothbrush is essential for a brilliant smile.

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