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This Halloween make sure any mask doesn’t obscure the wearer’s vision, and pin up long costumes when trick-or-treating late at night. While traumatic tooth injuries are more commonly a result of a freak accident or some sports related activity, they can also occur during a bad trip or fall. Here are some things you should know about traumatic tooth injuries!

What Does A Darkened Or Black Tooth Mean?

Probably not what you think. Following an injury a dark looking tooth can be thought of as the tooth bruising. It means that there has been some damage to the tooth (although not always even major), and the tooth has bled internally. If the trauma is not major, the discoloration should go away within a few weeks. If it doesn’t a dentist can determine if the tooth’s nerve has become disconnected or not.

What Does It Mean If My Tooth Is Wiggly?

A slightly wiggly but still intact and not completely loose tooth means that the tooth and the gum around it has been mildly injured. Usually the gum will tighten as it heals and the tooth will be perfectly fine.

What If My Tooth Has Broken?

If a tooth has broken and it has not extended past the enamel it can be filled, treated and reshaped so that it looks the same way it did before. But if the break extends past the enamel, to the pulp or nerve immediately call a dentist. You will know the pulp is exposed when you can see the red or bleeding inside of the tooth.

If you ever experience one of these traumatic injuries make sure to have it checked by your dentist. Call Dr. D’Alfonso of Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry to get your smile back to looking it’s best. Oh, and Happy Halloween!