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Only one more day until the most eerie, spine-chilling, and sugar-inducing day arrives, could it be more hair-raising than a trip to the dentist? If you are looking for some tips for an alternative Halloween, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some ideas for a fun Halloween that won’t end in the dental chair (but maybe at a dental office).

What You Can Do With Halloween Candy:

  1. Trade your kids’ Halloween candy stash for a toy and hand out little trinkets (like glow sticks or temporary glow-in-the-dark tattoos) instead of candy. Another alternative to candy can be small rolls of change that you would have spent on buying candy (a 25 cent roll of nickels, or 25 cent roll of pennies, etc).
  2. Find a dental office that participates in a buyback program.” Some dental offices will exchange your kids’ candy for goody bags or enter them in a raffle for a special prize. Many buyback programs” end up sending the Halloween candy to military troops through Operation Gratitude.
  3. Your neighborhood can host a candy trade-in Halloween event similar to the buyback program. Kids can dress up, have face-painting, and you can do a special raffle for a cool prize. You can ask local businesses to sponsor in giving prizes or coupons for the kids who participate.

Whether you take an alternative route or you decide to let your kids go wild this Halloween, make sure they are taking care of their teeth by rinsing after eating and brushing twice a day. This doesn’t just go for kids either, even we indulge in sweets when it comes to Halloween. At Lakeway Cosmetic, we don’t just want your teeth to be pearly white, we want them to be healthy and strong too. Contact us if you have any questions or would like a consultation.