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How to Help Kids Develop Good Dental Habits

Once you develop poor dental habits, your oral health can be negatively impacted for life. That’s why it’s important to do your best to help your kids develop good dental habits. Here are four tips on how to help your children have great oral health habits for life:

  • Limit sugary sodas or drinks: Sodas loaded with sugar are harmful for your teeth, but they cause even more damage to your child’s newly erupted teeth. Statistics show that about 20 percent of 1- and 2-year-olds are exposed to these drinks every day. It’s important to limit your child’s intake of soda at a young age, so they can grow up with good dental habits.
  • Avoid letting your child sip a bottle all night or a sippy cup all day: Once your child starts to use a bottle or sippy cup, it’s best to not allow your child to carry it around, and sip on it all day and night. Constantly sipping milk, juice or any sweetened liquid does not give a child’s natural saliva a chance to rinse away sugars that cause tooth decay. Try to limit bottle and sippy cup time to meals and snack time, and make sure they swish with water after having any sugary drink.
  • Brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes: Once your child’s teeth start to show up, it’s important to start brushing them twice a day. Not only does this help prevent their teeth from tooth decay, but it also helps the child grow up with this great habit. But make sure to use special non-fluoride toothpaste when the child is too young to spit it out.
  • Visit the dentist regularly: It’s important to not wait until there is an issue before taking your child to the dentist. Before your child’s first birthday it’s recommended to take your baby to the dentist. From that point on you should take your child to the dentist every six months to prevent cavities and gum disease. If your child starts visiting the dentist at a young age, they will grow up enjoying their routine dental visits.

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