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If you only visit the dentist twice a year, it’s important to get the biggest bang for your buck while you’re there. Here are some things dentists would like you to keep in mind when preparing for your appointment so that you have the best experience possible.

Schedule Well in Advance

Inconvenience can be costly. If you can find a time slot when you don’t have to take off work, or take off as much work, that would be ideal. Even if you do have to take off work, you can schedule it for a time when you know taking off work will have the least impact. Take location into consideration as well. If you have another appointment in a nearby location, you could save some gas by scheduling them together. Beyond just the cost of gas, this is also more convenient to require less trips. Unfortunately, the times outside of work hours or around holidays are always the most popular, so you’ll need to schedule and plan ahead to reserve your spot as soon as possible. Don’t get caught having to make an unexpected last minute detour to the dentist!

Prepare Questions

In the weeks (or days, or hours) before your dentist visit, write down any questions you can think of about your oral health. Has anything been out of the ordinary? Think about your gums, your teeth, and your jaw. Have you been experiencing any sensitivity or bleeding? Don’t be scared to ask questions, even if you think they might sound silly; trust me, you won’t be the first one to ask. If you want a demonstration about proper brushing or flossing, ask. If you want to learn more about preventing gum disease, ask. If you want to know how to get fresher breath, ask. Whatever your questions are, your dentist is your best resource.

Bring Details on Your Medications

If you take any medications or supplements, write a detailed list of them down to bring to your dentist. While many times there should not be a conflict or problem, this ensures that nothing that your dentist does or uses will cause any complications. Prevention is always the best option! Additionally, some medications cause dry mouth or other oral-related side effects, and your dentist can recognize them and give you advice on how to prevent these side effects from turning into consequences.

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