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Crunching on ice cubes or even crushed ice isn’t just bad, it’s dangerous for your teeth. Some people develop this terrible habit over time and end up doing it without even realizing it.

The cold temperature and the brittle nature of ice can actually cause your teeth to fracture. When your tooth fractures, it creates tiny little cracks in its surface, weakening it. As you continue to put pressure on your tooth through chewing and biting, the cracks continue to fracture into your teeth, getting bigger and bigger. This makes it so much easier for bacteria to get into the inner, more sensitive layers of your teeth and infect it, causing a painful cavity. It can also lead to your teeth cracking and breaking entirely. If you have filling, crunching on ice can pop the fillings out very easily, adding another reason it’s not a good idea.

(Popcorn kernels are just as bad, by the way)

If you find yourself a victim of this painful and dangerous habit, try to keep yourself away from ice. Get drinks without ice, or consider using metal chilled cubes at home (they’re stylish, too, and don’t dilute your drink). In general, just be aware of this problem and work on turning your awareness into results.

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