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flossing-greenspoint-dentalSometimes it’s nice to have options. But when your personal health is concerned, you’re going to want the best. So which do you choose: floss picks, water flossers, or plain old traditional floss? let’s review the pros and cons of each.

Floss Picks

Floss picks are those small, disposable plastic sticks, generally Y or F-shaped, that are pre-threaded with a short length of dental floss between the two prongs. The picks sometimes have a pointed handle to aid in picking at any additional food stuck in between the teeth. But are they effective? While picks are very convenient, they also have blind spots where the floss can’t wrap around the tooth and will leave bacteria behind.

Water Flossers

These flossers shoot out a concentrated stream of water through a small spout which allows users to easily and precisely target the gum line. The stream of water essentially washes away the bacteria that forms in between the gums and the teeth. These are good at blasting away bacteria, but are generally considered to be a lesser substitute for floss because they can’t reach the same places. it’s considered best to

Traditional Floss

Ah, the old standby. Regular floss can reach places that toothbrush bristles never can in between your teeth. It’s usually made from nylon or plastic strands and can be mint-flavored or even coated with fluoride. Floss is recommended by dentists because it can reach certain areas that the other guys can’t

What’s the Verdict?

Traditional floss is your best bet in terms of maintaining your best oral health, but water flossers and floss picks aren’t without their benefits either. Some people wouldn’t floss at all if they didn’t use water flossers or floss picks just because of the convenience of them, which is better than no floss at all.

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