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Even though canker sores are tiny, they can affect your eating, drinking and overall happiness. Canker sores can make you cranky, but here are five treatments for canker sores that will get you back to normal in no time:

  • Home remedies: If you can’t get to the store, try out what you have at home on your painful canker sore. To speed healing, rinse your mouth with either saltwater, or 1 tsp. of baking soda dissolved in ½ c. of warm water. Be sure not to swallow the mixtures! You can also try dabbing some milk of magnesia on the canker sore a few times a day to ease the pain.
  • Over the counter relief:  At the drugstore, you can find canker sore relief products that have benzocaine, such as Anbesol and Orajel. These products will numb your canker sore and protect it from getting more infected.
  • Apply ice: Even though ice won’t make your canker sore disappear, sucking on ice chips is a great way to soothe your canker sore pain.
  • Take your vitamins: No one is really sure exactly what causes canker sores, but some believe that it can be from not having enough essential vitamins and minerals in your diet. Talk to your doctor to see what vitamins you might be missing.
  • Relax: Some say that canker sores are caused by stress. If you have been unusually stressed and then developed a canker sore, try to relax through exercising, taking up a new hobby or telling a friend what is bothering you. Not only will your mouth feel better, but your heart will too.

If you have been struggling with canker sores or any other oral health issues, we are here to help. Contact the Lakeway Center for Cosmetic and Family Dentistry and set-up your appointment.